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Nourish Your Soul, Refresh Your Mind and Revitalize Your Body

The India Yoga retreat in Rishikesh and Khajuraho with Dr. Jamuna Mishra will take you in to journey for mind, body and soul. Yoga, ayurvedic treatments & meditation in the holy place of Rishikesh transports you to the world of the inner self.

Dr. Jamuna Mishra

The retreat includes daily yoga, meditation and experiencing authentic ayurveda at its place of origin. Get to know and treat your body and soul from an ayurvedic and yogic point of view, guided by traditionally qualified and highly experienced ayurvedic doctors and Yoga with Dr. Jamuna Mishra.
Dr. Jamuna Mishra has learned mostly unknown and rare methods used by the caved yogis in India to gain extra flexibility and to transform oneself. These methods have shown magical impact on the physiology of people. It has helped people perform postures like lotus with effortless ease even after they have practiced yoga for 30 years without ever being able to get into this posture. During this retreat Dr. Jamuna Mishra will share this effective approach to help you deepen your asana practice. Your back bends and forward bends will drastically improve with ease. In this workshop transformation of your being on a profound level is bound tohappen. The Professional Ayurveda Team are trained in traditional authentic Ayurveda. Their treatments during the retreat will be geared to help you relax, letting go of mental and physical rigidity and allowing your body to open to levels you previously thought to be unattainable.



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