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Island Tour Packages in India

Thousands of sun-deprived tourists visit India because it incredibly has the most diverse varieties of island and beaches anywhere in the world.

The island holiday to beat them all is in the Isles of Andaman and Nicobar and Lakshwadeep, where you can see the myriad colours of the flashy fish in the coral reefs from above the green waters.

Lakshadweep Islands is known as the ultimate exotic diving location. 36 islands scattered like emerald green jewels in a sea popularly known as the Lakshadweep Island Group are also called "the Laccadives". They are located 400-kms away from the state of Kerala on the Indian mainland.

The beaches of Lakshadweep are a paradise for divers, but out of Lakshadweep's 36 Arabian Sea coral islands and islets, ten islands are inhabited, and just two, Bangaram and Kadmat, are open to visitors.

The most romantic feature of an island beach is the quiet and uninhabited atmosphere and that's where the beaches of Lakshadweep come into the picture. The palm-fringed beaches of Lakshadweep provide coolness even at in the hottest summer months, making this island region as a destination that can be travelled throughout the year.

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